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Toyota 4X4

Used Toyota 4X4 Trucks in Nanaimo, Shipping Worldwide

At South Island Imports Ltd., our specialty is used Toyota 4X4 trucks. In Nanaimo, we have four acres of vehicles that we can pull used parts from. We also carry used parts for Toyota automobiles. We ship used Toyota parts all over the world, including throughout Canada and the United States. With the largest selection on Vancouver Island, we are almost guaranteed to have the part you need for your Toyota vehicle. We offer several warranties on our used parts. At South Island Imports, we promise to treat you with honesty and excellent customer service.

Have you got a used Toyota part that needs recycling? What about an entire vehicle? South Island Imports Ltd. is able to assist with parts and scrap car recycling, and we can ensure that our recycling methods are environmentally friendly.

Our products and services include:

  • Small engine parts

  • Auto accessories/add-ons

  • Shipping

    • National

    • International 

  • Scrap car recycling

  • Parts recycling

Contact us today to ship your parts anywhere in the world, or come in to see in Nanaimo 

Know What Part You Need?

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