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Car Parts Warranty

Our Parts Warranties

Conditional 3-Month Parts Warranty

All purchases are warrantied for a period of 90 days from invoice date unless otherwise stated. Any defects in this product will be dealt with on a replacement basis to a maximum of the sale price of the item. South Island Imports Ltd. shall not assume responsibility for damages, labour, costs or any expenses such as towing, emergency road service, lodging or related expenses - directly or indirectly at any time during or after the installation of any or all parts sold. All sales are final unless stated.

PLEASE NOTE: Electrical parts are sold as-is and are non-returnable unless otherwise stated.

Engine Warranty

All engines are guaranteed to be in good operating condition with reasonable limits of specifications (ie:) oil pressure, compression, and oil consumption. While in most cases we sell our engines complete, all we are charging for and all the customer is paying for is block assembly with head(s). We leave accessories such as water pump, fuel pump, distributor, carburetor, fuel injection pump, vacuum pump and/or exhaust manifolds attached for your convenience and to make the installation easier. Unless specifically stated, these parts are NOT covered under our warranty.

Differential Warranty

Differentials should be installed with new axle seals. Any brake parts left on the assembly are for the customer's convenience and are not covered under our warranty.

Transmission Warranty

Automatic and manual transmissions are warrantied for a period of 90 days from the invoice date. Transmissions should be installed with new front and rear oil seals. Any failure due to improper installation of the transmission VOIDS the warranty.

Contact us today with any questions about our warranties.

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